Nourish: food & the body

April 8-22, 2022
The Lawrence University Mudd Gallery

“Nourish” explores the relationship between the body and the food that fuels/builds/feeds/sustains it through black & white 120mm film photography and multimedia black out poetry. The body is a place of frustration and displeasure when it does not appear as the brain would like it to look—or as the brain has been conditioned to desire it to appear.

This series of images captures the artist’s body as they see it and the aspects that they focus on. The poems are written using recipes from the artist’s life, both those cooked for them as a child and those they have cooked for themself as they transition into adulthood. These recipes shaped the body in the accompanying photographs. Black out poetry allows the artist to reconstruct the narrative of the recipes and their impact on the body.

Just as the body is constantly changing, so is art and these images are not tied to specific poems.

“Excess” (poem and photograph) have been selected for the Trout Museum of Arts 2023 Contemporary exhibition.

“TMA Contemporary shares what is at the forefront of Wisconsin’s visual art landscape today. The exhibit takes the temperature of what’s being created now and embraces all forms of art media, ideas, and voices.”

They are on view until August 13th, 2023

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